Music & Meditation - with Clemens Wilhelm and Joakim Blattmann
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Music & Meditation - with Clemens Wilhelm and Joakim Blattmann
THE ROAD TO VENICE - Screening Concert
In July 2009 Clemens Wilhelm started out on foot to walk from Munich to the Venice Biennial. The path of more than 600 km took him across the alps in one month, from the Southern German lowlands across the high mountain ranges of the Alps and down to the Adriatic sea. Along the way he took a photograph of the road ahead every 15 minutes. These pictures blend into a hypnotic slideshow video.

The German filmmaker Werner Herzog once said in an interview that if one wanted to become a filmmaker, one should not spend years in film school but take a long walk alone with a camera. As his graduation project, Clemens Wilhelm undertook this long walk. 
Walking south to Italy has a long tradition in European art history. Many Northern-European artists since Renaissance times have traveled to Italy to study the arts, and due to limited resources they often walked. Taking a long walk at the end of your apprenticeship also has a long tradition among other European craftsmen. The Venice Biennial is arguably the most famous contemporary art exhibition in the world and it is considered a great honor for any artist to be showing there. 
But this road to Venice is long, unsafe and rocky. However, the challenge of taking on the real road to Venice shows striking parallels to an artist career. When just starting out as an artist, you may ask yourself: "Will I make it to Venice in the end?" But a whole mountain range separates you from that goal.

But Clemens Wilhelm's video is more than this: the process of walking, the ever changing road itself and spending time with yourself seem equally important as the goal Venice. The Biennial as a goal becomes secondary, as the viewer starts to walk with him, picture by picture. The viewer starts to travel in his/her mind on his/her own imaginary path through strikingly beautiful mountain ranges, green fields and sun-drenched forests.

The video is presented as a screening accompanied by a live sound performance by the Norwegian artist Joakim Blattmann (Oslo).


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The Music & Meditation series is dedicated to the interplay of sound, experience, meditation and consciousness.

The experience of sound is an essential dimension of human perception and self-realization. Across cultures and spiritual traditions, music has always served as a medium to explore and attain transcendence.

Certain types of music appear particularly suitable to stimulate meditative processes. For instance, music not only evokes emotions, which may be processed through meditative practices; but music also exemplifies the vital principle of impermanence through the deliberate rising and passing away of audible phenomena. At the same time, meditation can lead to a higher awareness of different levels of perception, which invites a more subtle experience of sound and music.

The Music & Meditation series offers a space to explore the meditative and transcendent in and through sound. The goal of the series is not only to evoke certain contemplative experiences but also to engage in discussion and experimentation.

Every second Friday, varying musicians present their personal approach to Music & Meditation, representing a broad range of musical traditions, philosophies, techniques and instruments. Following the shared experience of meditative music, the audience is invited to engage in a dialogue that connects metaphysical views and scientific perspectives.


Die Veranstaltungsreihe Music & Meditation widmet sich dem Zusammenspiel von Klang, Erfahrung, Meditation und Bewusstsein.

Die Wahrnehmung von Klängen ist eine essentielle Dimension menschlicher Bewusstwerdung und Erkenntnis. In allen Kulturen und spirituellen Traditionen existiert Musik als ein Medium, Transzendenz zu erkunden oder zu erreichen.

Bestimmte Formen von Musik sind hierbei besonders geeignet ist, um meditative Prozesse zu ermöglichen. Beispielsweise weckt Musik nicht nur Emotionen, die meditativ verarbeitet werden können, sondern macht auch Grundphänomene wie Entstehen und Vergehen anschaulich. Andersherum kann Meditation durch ein Sensibilisieren der unterschiedlichen Wahrnehmungsfähigkeiten zu einer umfassenderen Musikerfahrung führen.

Music & Meditation bietet einen Raum, um gemeinsam das Meditative und Transzendente in Klängen zu erforschen. Hierbei geht es nicht nur um einen Erfahrungs- sondern auch um einen Diskussions- und Experimentierraum.

Jeden zweiten Freitag stellen wechselnde Musiker und Musikerinnen verschiedener Traditionen, Philosophien und Techniken ihren Zugang zu Music & Meditation vor. Die gemeinsame Erfahrung von meditativer Musik lädt zu einem anschließenden Dialog unterschiedlicher Perspektiven ein, wobei metaphysische ebenso wie naturwissenschaftliche Sichten in Austausch kommen.


Doors open at 19:00, start at 19:30


The workshop location is Saarbrücker Str. 6, 10405 Berlin.
The apartment is in the front house, second floor (name on bell is FM&N7).

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